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What I count as a serious relationship couldn't be achieved in a DADT. I was casually seeing a guy before who most definitely had that arrangement but to make it truly DADT, there are some things to abide by that limited our emotional connection. For example, weekends are strictly their time. It isn't a rule but if he goes elsewhere on a weekend, she would ask where he is going and that would be awkward. He had to plan dates at times he knows she will be travelling our working. He initially put a limit on how many times he saw each person so obligation wouldn't build. He decided on seven times. I saw him about four before this just became tedious. Obviously, meeting his friends and family was of the cards because the DADT included them. All in all, I realised pretty quickly that a DADT, especially if the person is in a serious, long term relationship stops you being anything other than really casual. That can work sometimes, but not for people who want more than a sexually focused friendship.

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