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Yay! I'm excited for FJ and MD to have some time together! Some of that is because I can feel the love between the two of us, so I don't have to wade through my insecurities to get to my happiness for them. I can tell they are a little tense with each other after the other night, and I know they need the time to really talk face to face. I asked FJ to be home around midnight because I'm leaving for an out of town trip for 3 days to visit my BFF the next day, and I'd like to make sure we reconnect. He's fine with that, and today I felt like I'd really be ok if he spent the night. (Of course if they wanted that). I didn't say anything though, because my feelings might change tomorrow :/

But for now I'm super happy with MD and I's relationship and FJ and I's relationship so I only feel happy for them to get to spend time together. I hope they can find something beyond the physical and enjoy hanging out together. They need to connect on that level if it'll be a triad. If not o really hope MD and I can continue to be more than friends.
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