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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Generally, I find it useful to flat-out ask. Like this:

Hey, Ceoli. Are you feeling marginalised? If you are, would you be willing to share your experiences with us?
Nope I'm not, but I have experienced marginalization in the past. But I'm pretty sensitive to issues that may marginalize people, so I tend to try to pay attention and continually ask questions and challenge assumptions that create such marginalization.

I'm not clear exactly what community this thread is aimed at either. If we're talking specifically about this board, that's one thing. If we're talking about poly communities in general, then that's also a rather large question with many aspects to be addressed. Different dynamics exist in different mediums.

Plus, experience has taught me that just asking a marginalized group without doing the groundwork of self-examination often just results in marginalizing that group further. Basically, if a person generally feels uncomfortable or unwelcome in a group, they're not always going to be so forthcoming when just flat out asked what their problem is. (Just to be clear, I'm illustrating a dynamic, not a synopsis of how everyone may or may not react.)

I find that there must be steps made to show that a group is seriously looking to address the issues before people feel that their marginalized views will be listened to.
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