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Default Getting better

Not sure anyone is following our blog but I enjoy writing anyway.....Well we made it through another weekend and it was a really good one at that. Friday has become "their night" where they like to spend the whole night together. This last friday J got in from his work week later then he had been but still was there by like 1130 ish I think. D was already in bed but knowing J was coming she had taken the time to be freshly showered and was actually quite ready for him. J came in, showered and met her in our bed. According to D they had a fantastic night, gentle passionate love making, cuddle up after and fall to sleep in eachothers arms. Saturday morning D had to work for a few hours so she was gone when I got up, J was up and had a smile, said they had a great night and was very happy. J went to get his son for the day, came back in the late afternoon and then went to his daughters out by the lake for the evening. Saturday D and I went to dinner, shopping for a bit and came back to watch a game on tv cuddled up together. We had a fantastic night sex we have had in a long time and went on for a long time. Cuddled up together for the night and got a good nights sleep after both very happy. Sunday this week brought work around the house, gardening, trimming....that kind of stuff. J was home, grilled outside for us and we had dinner on the patio. Watched a little tv, J had gone to bed as he has to get up early for his work week. At bedtime D said she would like to have some time with J so she went to his bedroom and they had another "round" so to speak....sounded like they had Eventaully she came back to our bed and we slept the night away. All in all a great weekend. D and J are now able to openly profess their affection for each other (took him some time) and things seem good so far....hope they only get better from here as D is so happy and sastified it makes our life together better.
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