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Originally Posted by jetta9502 View Post
Today I am a ball if emotions. I haven't seen the ex for a while. She came over last night and we all played games. It was a lot of fun, however I just kept having this sad feeling. Seeing her again made me really miss her. I have started to try to look for someone else and kinda started seeing this couple but have decided I don't wanna continue with them. But when she came over a lot if emotions have been going through me. I feel sad, and lonely. Not that i dont have my husband but i dont have that other person like he does and I want that so bad. I worry I'm not going to find anyone. I just hope I can find someone.... sorry if I'm rambling just a lot going through my head right now!
All I can offer is hugs. It takes time to get over any relationship. If it hurts to see her I would probably suggest she come over for awhile. I know I wouldn't want to see my ex.
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