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Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
And MZTERY, take it with a grain of salt, but honestly you don't sound happy in this dynamic. Everyone deserves to be happy. Whatever that takes for you to be able find the happiness, I hope you do, because the only substitute for being able to do the things you love with the people you choose to love, is situations that at least make you smile, or induce involuntary laughter, even at the most inappropriate times. I know you are intelligent enough to let bitter advice roll right out the other ear. Which is why I know you will find a way to leave your situation if you really know you must, even if the entire world tells you no. The world is chalk full of people who use intimidation, humiliation and condescension in an attempt to make you feel less then, when the truth is you are so much greater than the lowest common denominator that employs those tacits
Thank you for your post...I really appreciate your insight and advice!!! I know my situation seemed humorous to some here, which I don't take offensively because I believe everyone has a "funny" story here, but I am glad I put it out there and got the feedback that I did from each and every single one of you. It has really helped me look at myself and my situation in a different light and understand how to make it work alittle better for ourselves. Because we do care for one another and have love for each other regardless of whatever! That I know for sure and all of your comments and thoughts made me reflect more on that positive end of us rather than the BS that my emotions only allow me to see. Certain comments here made me think " no that's not how it is" or " no that's not right" and so I will work on my relationship better with each of my partners rather than focus on the one. Hopefully my next topic will be more optimistic ...and soon!!

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