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Originally Posted by AlbertaBea View Post
I'll DEFINITELY not be talking to anyone at the campout about the situation.
To piggy-back on something Delphinius said:

When my last girlfriend and I broke up it was not pretty. We had a group of friends in common but since I had met them through her I figured I was going to need to lose contact with them. A couple of weeks past and I realized I was still getting invites from them but she apparently wasn't. Come to find out, there was some drama with her and she stormed out of that group of friends... so I guess I got them instead.

Anyway, the first big social gathering I had with these folks there was a lot of curiosity about what had happened. I never got the whole story on her drama bomb with them and never asked. But when people asked me "So what happened between you two?" my instinct was to tell them that I didn't want to talk about it. Unfortunately that just seemed to build tension.

So I started answering their question as appropriately and honestly as I could. My answer became "You know, the relationship had run its course so it ended" and didn't add in any of my emotional commentary. I found that this diffused the curiosity, made the topic pretty boring, and it was dropped.

All I'm saying is that I agree you shouldn't bring it up and you SURELY shouldn't do any complaining, but giving the silent treatment on a topic will just make it look like more of a sore.
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