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He did it. Today, Ocean told his parents about our "unconventional" relationship. I couldn't look at their faces as he spoke, I just held his hand and watched him talk. He didn't say much, just the bare facts: We're not monogamous. We're seeing other people. We love each other and still want to grow our lives together, to live together. We don't intend anything else to get in the way of that.

I added that it's a personal thing, but a real part of our lives, one that is known to most of our friends and some of my family (but not my parents).

I can't tell how they've taken it. They seemed mostly "oh, okay" about it, but they aren't the type to respond directly.

Ocean thought their reaction was hopeful but somewhat underwhelming

Tomorrow we've organised a dinner with his parents, the two of us, plus Menrva, Bert and Grotto. I'm not sure how explicit we're going to be in the introductions... I reckon we might as well be, considering the big reveal is over. But I will leave it up to Ocean, as it's his parents.

I am quite close with his folks, especially his ma, and I was worried that they wouldn't like it and that it would cool their relationship with me. I'm hoping to have a one-on-one chat with his ma at some point before the end of their holiday here, to check in about how she's feeling. She's extremely honest with her views, esp if you ask her privately, so if I do manage to talk with her, it would no doubt clear things up for me on that front. I'm cautiously optimistic!

In any case, this is a big milestone for us. Shit's getting real, yo.
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