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Default If it weren't ol' Paulie of Tarsus

Then maybe one of King James translators or some scribe who'd had enough of the editor in chief's doing unintentionally as to what Bart Simpson did intentionally when the waiter comes around with fresh ground pepper, a little more-a little more-a little more-a little more-just a tiny bit more, then too much! take it away!

I know many religions cover their head, and whether it was Paul (who right up until JC died, was paid to mitigate all the damage JC was doing fillin people's head with crazy nonsense according to the current ruling class, then suddenly did an about face as he was crucified and suddenly writes over half of the new testament? Sounds like he was still receiving full salary to me) but I will admit I don't know anybody that shares my views. I don't agree that women should wear their pubic hair long, and whoever the authors were (I suspect several of the day's equivalent to top editors of the AP who were loyal to pharisees and current govt.) but other than the subtle jabs at women, which still goes on today, people gathering for a smorgasbord of food they don't otherwise get at home, combined with only mentioned how hair length, due to hair being used as a covering, but not mention at all of an article of clothing, but hair, and how it's pointless for men because their hair can't cover him when he is in the middle of propheseying mentality, and right before that explain why one can be covered and the other cannot when he is talking about one being of the other, and at the the head of this one is that one type talk sounds an awful like the stuff the guy at Home Depot started saying in attempt to explain why the two halves of the one connector were referred to as "male" and "female" ends and I just sat there scratching my head looking puzzled unto girlfriend smacked me for putting the guy through having to explain it.

Maybe I really am just crazy, but I believe what I believe, and I know nobody sees it as I do.

But regardless, I say clean being number one priority, and then shorn to a quarter inch or shaven as Paul put it (although I am not sure how many people back then wore the hair do like Telly Savalas)

I was only joking about preferring the seventies and eighties fad on longer hairdo's, but I was being totally serious about some scribe or Paul being able to sneak one past the sensors, and you can't argue with success, if he got a shot past the whatever goalie enforced no explicit mentions of sex , more power to him
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