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So Woodsmith has contacted a few places to get his part of things started. If he hasn't heard anything by the wedding I'm going to have him call all the places at least once a week to get us somewhere.

Lamian has gotten a lot more comfortable with the developments in the relationship between Primal and I. She's just worried of being seen as a third wheel so one of the things that is going to be work on is if we start getting to an uncomfortable place her letting us know at that moments so we can step back then.

Primal and I have talked about things that might really help me. I can get so upset/stressed about the fact that things that I do may hurt someone else (such as Lamian not feeling comfortable with things) and so one of the things that we are going to work on is helping me and the family start working towards having me as a submissive to them all (and still his slave). We've started looking at a website about B.E.S.T. slave training (which interests my psychology side having a lot of Adler in it). Today one of the tasks I had was to start thinking of what I viewed the concept of a perfect slave. While I haven't been able to see things in relation to tasks/goals I was able to delve into what I view the psyche of the slave as. Which had me acknowledge some of my fears of being degraded to a second class citizen who's wants and needs could be ignored if someone else doesn't want to have them acknowledged (that my happiness can be sacrificed for anyone else's). I discussed these with Primal to which he stated that making sure that I'm able to feel confident and happy in my relationships and know that I will not be less is part of his role of protecting me as my master and in making sure that which belongs to him is kept in a nice state.

Hey, what do you know? A pretty positive post.

There are a few more things mulling about in my head about various things but the ability to translate them from head to words has not yet approached.
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