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Default Ex boyfriend's wife doesn't want to share space

Thanks for the replies CG, Marcus and Delphinius.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
... is there any *other* motivation? Are you feeling territorial or vengeful?

I am not saying that you are having these feelings it's just that, for me I would want to very closely examine my side of the street before I started telling someone to mind their own business.
I have been considering my motivations a bit. I am still hurt/angry about staying in the other night. I'm feeling accepting of the consequences that my going to the campout may have on my relationship with Tommy. I am feeling a bit territorial of my friends. I could see myself feeling lonely at the campout if, for example, Jordan is talking to someone I want to talk to. There will be times there that I'll be uncomfortable, but I've been in those situations before. If you date everyone at the party, you're bound to have some awkwardness there!

I'm so isolated and lonely because of my job and location, I need to take this time to see my friends. Tonight I'm asking a close friend if she'll camp with me and be my moral support if anything shitty goes down. I'm gonna try and camp out of sight from Jordan and Tommy and I'll DEFINITELY not be talking to anyone at the campout about the situation.

Originally Posted by Delphinius View Post
She has no right to ex-communicate you from the same small community you both are a part of. We alternative lifestyle people need to try to remember its can be challenging for us all and help each other out.
I agree with you. Jordan is newer in the community and I've had a few friends express willingness to stop inviting her to stuff. I asked them not to do this because I believe that Jordan has the right to pull support from our amazing community just as much as I do. My experience with her is in a unique context and doesn't have anything to do with how our mutual friends will experience her friendship.

So far, she hasn't tried to exclude me in indirect ways - which I'm grateful for. I don't think she could ex-communicate me if she tried. People only get excommunicated from our scene for violence and I've put about 10 years of energy into building my alternative friend circle. Jordan is just laying the foundation of her role in the community and I doubt any of my friends would accommodate her by not inviting me. Having heard her arguments against me straight from her, I know how ridiculous her reasoning on this topic sounds - and I know how reasonable our friends are :-P

It would be great if we just got along!
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