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Default Thanks..

I really wish that I had known of this site and this post before wife went for her first overnight/ week trip with the gf. I handled it poorly, and I made it a complicated and confusing trip for them. I will say wife did have her fault in it, with the lack or no communication with me while gone. That was a big part of my insecurities becoming so intense and this fear that it was a mistake. Needless to say, I ruined their week, and it made for a couple uncomfortable and argumentative days when she got home. I am looking forward to her going on her second trip this week, and will be using this advice. I want this to work. We have discussed that she needs to keep a form of communication with me, not isolate me while with the gf. Especially when me and gf are also exploring our own personal relationship. So thanks again, going to be reading all the links gala noted in her post.
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