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Fist thing I would want to do in your situation is to make damn sure I know what my motivations are. Going to the camp out, for example, you said you're feeling lonely and want to go socialize with your friends; that sounds like good motivation. However, is there any *other* motivation? Are you feeling territorial or vengeful?

I am not saying that you are having these feelings it's just that, for me I would want to very closely examine my side of the street before I started telling someone to mind their own business.

Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
If she doesn't want to be around you she can avoid go towards you at parties or not attend them just as easily as you can.
This chick can go have a nice tall glass of "grow up" as far as I'm concerned. Once you really are sure about your clean motivations there is just no reason to throw yourself under the bus of honorable sacrifice. Cattiva said it, this chick can elect not to go just as easily as you can... let her take a turn and serve her own insecurities for a change - sounds like she needs the practice...
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