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Default Ex boyfriend's wife doesn't want to share space

Hi Everyone. I'm Alberta and I'm writing about my on-again-off-again lover and friend, Tommy. I'm also writing about Tommy's wife, Jordan. Tommy and I broke up two months ago because Jordan was having a lot of trouble being okay with our relationship.

Since we broke up, Jordan has expressed frustration at "sharing space" with me. Jordan and I have 65 mutual friends on Facebook and we have many opportunities to share space. She has asked me before not to come to a party out of consideration for her, and when she felt "too intimidated" to ask me not to go to another party, she got Tommy to ask me. I lashed out at him :-/

So, that's the background story. Here's what I'm having some anxiety about now:

I want to go to a campout. It's a big event, taking place on a friend's private estate. I've been invited by numerous people. Jordan, along with at least two dozen other people, has been attending meetings to work through the planning stages of this campout. I've told Tommy that I was thinking about going for a day, but now I'm lonely (I wound up staying home from the party Tommy talked to me about) and most of my favorite people will be at the upcoming campout.

I miss my people. I'm going to this campout because I have the days off and I've been working every day since June 8th. I feel very strongly that I cannot let Jordan's feelings disrupt my social life. She has shown me repeatedly that she will not offer me the same considerations she demands from me - that's why I broke up with her husband. She doesn't have to talk to me when she sees me and I have no intention of approaching her.
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