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Default The child that doesn't know

My partners and I had an interesting discussion about children today. Our children range from ages 21-29, six children in total. All but one of our children are aware and accepting of our poly relationship. In all honesty it is our youngest, and my son who doesn't know about our relationship. The reason he doesn't know about our relationship, is frankly, he is too damn much like me.

He has the best of my ex-husband and the worst of me. From his dad he has charm, laughter, and an easy going manner. From me he has a dark side. That side that says I need my space, need to be alone to deal with things in my own way, and you're invading my personal space. In all honesty I have been afraid to tell him of our relationship. As it stands now, he cares for my partners and sees them as good people. I'm afraid if he knows what our real relationship is he will not want to know about their lives, or want to be a part of mine. I know it sounds cowardly, but I really don't know how to broach the subject with him, or if I really feel the need to do so. Sometimes it's simply a case of if it's not broken don't fix it.

My daughter is the complete opposite. She has gotten the best of both my ex-husband and myself. She has the same charm, easy going manner, and laughter that my son has from his dad. She also has tolerance, acceptance, and a questioning nature from me. It was so much easier to tell her of our relationship. I knew she might have questions but would never judge. She loves her other parents, because for her they truly are her other parents.

I oftentimes think I should tell him and live with the consequences. Of course on the other hand what if the consequences are something I'm not prepared to deal with? Should I leave it alone? Or gird my loines and have a frank conversation?

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.
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