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"little wife" sounds "unequal" too but if that 's your "bag" then hey roll with it.

The OP of this thread (assuming everything taken at face-value) is dissatisfied with their situation. Whether or not "all poly couples" ("poly couples" is a contradiction-in-terms whether anyone agrees does not make it less of a reality) are "this way" or "that way" has nothing to do with this weirdness. "All poly couples" are not incapable of having children thE old-fashioned way and do thos predatory behaviour. The problem with the OP is not "poly couples", it is a mentally and emotionally instable female with baby-rabies and a malfunctioned reproductive organ system.

I wsh that humans and females in particular would get free from this mindless hormonal prison of "aurgh durrr M.U.S.T M.A.K.E M.O.A.R B.A.B.B.Y"

But you can't SAY that, oh oops i just did! I guess you CAN say THAT after all.
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