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Default astighub was

Oh, so they had to wait til the day after he arrived to have alone time...
No wonder they couldnt keep their hands off each other. But still, you expected "attention" after an hour of them cuddling and then had a hissy fit and got hammered when you didn't get it.
Yeah, that was pretty shitty of me. Totally wrongheaded of me and I dealt with it poorly.

Oh! So this is what you were waiting for? 3way MFM sex? Now the light dawns. You don't want a cuddle, a hand squeeze, you want to fuck her while he plays with her and vice versa?

Swinger mentality strikes again.
Not exactly like you took it. Yes, I DO enjoy MFM a lot. I ALSO enjoy our time together outside the bedroom. I ALSO enjoy cuddling and kissing and hand-squeezing. Those things are not mutually exclusive to me and one does not replace the others. Just sex is fine. Emotionally connected sex is awesome. not having sex, but spending quality time together is also awesome and something I really want for us to be able to do together. I think you took my (YES!) a little too far and made it seem like the end-game, which it definitely is not.

All this adult sex and fighting time with a 3 and 6 year old in the next room? Yikes.
1. They aren't in the next room. They are on the opposite side of the house and cannot hear or see anything.

2. There was no "fighting". We don't fight, raise voices, etc.

Yep, you are. Dating separately seems the way to go. She has L, you have her, and maybe someday you'll find a gf for yourself as well. But first, get this all talked over with the wife. You and she are on different wavelengths to be sure!
Thanks for that. I think we need to move that direction before I step all over two perfectly good relationships.
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