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Gotta love stupid drama huh?

GG has some major issues with certain aspects of his ADD (don't we all struggle to get things in order at times).
Anyway-a few of them have some dramatic negative impacts on the rest of us when he lets things go. Financially especially.

So anyway-I confronted him about something this week-and he openly acknowledged letting it go (again). It really ticks me off. It has LONG TERM financial ramifications for our family -and FOR US MOVING THE FUCK OUT OF THE THIS FROZEN WASTELAND and he's done is often enough that it's OBVIOUSLY something he needs to FACE UP AND DEAL WITH.

Anyway-he started his pity party "i love you i miss you im so sorry" texts (from upstairs to me downstairs) afterward. It annoyed me.

I wrote him back that in fact, I don't miss him right now-I don't DESIRE being around someone when they are screwing me over and I don't accept "I'm sorry" when you do the same thing repeatedly. I'm sorry means you have learned that what you did was wrong and you are taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Anyway-nothing severe or shocking happening-he's moping and upset because he screwed up and knows it. There's not a lot to say. Not a lot to do. Buckle down (again) and pay off the debt (again) and start over on putting money away and getting his credit cleaned up (again) so we can plan a move (again). UGH.

In the meantime-I'm not IN THE MOOD for "us" and I'm keeping my distance-which is devastating for him. I'm not trying to punish him. Not really sure where the line is between my need for SPACE from someone who is doing something that is harmful to me-indirectly & the line where yes, I do love you and I'm sorry you are hurting....

But-where ever it is-at the moment, I don't intend to step up to it....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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