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Originally Posted by london View Post
It's just not that easy. Even as fuck buddies, it often can't work out with monogamous men. See, in their head, if you were sexually satisfied by your partners, you wouldn't be fucking them. That means they inherently disrespect your partners and the relationship you have with them. I just wasn't comfortable with that.
Have you ever actually spoken with this other man and has he told you that he believes she's not satisfied by you? Or are you just a mind reader?

That he disrespects you and your relationship is your own perception, an interpretation based on how you what you yourself would think were you in his shoes. Aside from fucking your girlfriend, what signs has he given that this is the case? Has he actually told your girlfriend that she should leave you?

There is no thinking pattern that is ubiquitous amongst all of any sort of person, be it monogamous men, submissive women, homosexuals, etc.

You asked us how you can avoid getting in this situation again. My suggestion is to check your assumptions at the door and practice open, clear communication. Don't assume that just because some guy is monogamous, then he's obviously trying to steal your girlfriend. Give your girlfriend some credit that, as an adult, she is capable of making decisions that are right for her. Trust that she will take your feelings into consideration.
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