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Time management could get complicated. Hell it already is :/ FJ is worried he just doesn't have enough to give MD. I tell him it's premature to jump to that conclusion because she hasn't said what she needs from him. But I can see it weighing on his mind. She asked him to come over and make him dinner Tuesday might, but I have an event that night so we'd have to get childcare-which is kinda unaffordable right now since I just quit my job :/ I went ahead and asked a friend if she could keep the kids....we will actually only have two to figure out since the others will be at camp. But I'm sorta mad at myself for doing that. If FJ wants a date, shouldn't he be responsible for figuring out childcare if I'm not going to be home? I know him, and he's unlikely to make the effort. Sigh...but waahh I really want a date night :/ I am trying to help them have their needs met, but I feel selfish for asking for my time. And I also feel I need to wait for MD to ask me. I'm not sure why I let it be her call? Because I feel like she needs to make the first step to let me know what page she's on and what kind of relationship she wants with me I guess. It just sucks waiting. And it sucks that I am directly affected logistically by her and FJ's alone time. It would be easier to manage my insecurities if it were someone else she was involved with-then I wouldn't have to know all the details. Idk. This is a down moment for me. Just processing it for now. Not talking to FJ about it yet. He's overwhelmed and I don't feel right asking him to bear with my hang ups right now. And I'm not going to start the cycle of obsession with MD again. So I'll chew on it and wait.
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