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For us; we do have an agreement that if one of us needs to reach the other-we can call for any reason.

BUT-between the two of us we also have the understanding that we damn well better keep it appropriate. Neither one of us WOULD tolerate that sort of interruption to our date nights.

The key to me though is this- that is between he and her. The only part that is between you and he, is how you and he agree your time should be spent. Therefore-the issue is in how you feel disrespected by him. How he handles the issue with her-is not your business.

Does that make sense?

If for example, my husband calls me and interrupts my date-my date can complain to me regarding how I handle it. But-it's not my date's place to comment regarding my husband's request. My husband has the right to request whatever he wishes in his relationship with me. It's my job to ensure that I am holding myself accountable to each of my relationships....
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