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Had a good talk with PN today. He wants to continue on as we have been doing. He thinks we have a lot of good stuff going for us that he is very happy with. We have our family, friendship, love and caring for one another, and household. This is extremely valuable to both of us and we shouldn't diminish what it gives our lives. He is going to try to get his needs met through someone else. So far this has been difficult to actually accomplish however.

As far as he is concerned there's lots of things we really not sure of. Like where this should all go, or can go, or where he wants it to go precisely. We can't simply go back to the past and the future is hard to envision right now.

We both seem to agree that the sprawling, everybody-dates-everybody else poly thing doesn't suit us and we are tired of being so entwined in it. Both of us are skeptical that anyone is getting their needs met better than if they were monogamous. In some ways it sure looks like serial monogamy with the difference that you never really end the other relationships formally. At least in our lives.

Both of us don't want to leave, break up our family, or lose what we have right now. It's pretty damn good. And we don't want you to be alone. We intend to remain a large part of each others lives.
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