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Originally Posted by rws0042 View Post
So we wrapped up early and off he went.
I told him I knew he had to leave, but I was sad he had to cut the evening short.
I realized I hadn't addressed the issue from his end. While I think she was incredibly rude for calling and trying to crash your date, he is a grown man in control of his own actions and actually LEFT your date to go on a date with her and give her a ride home. Both of these folks are making a statement that your relationship isn't important at all and that you will be left out in the cold for even the silliest of reasons. That's some bs... what "agreed upon rules" would justify this?

"What? No honey, I'm on a date, you know that. Call a cab and I'll see you at the house later" is the only thing this dude should have said.

He just leaves because the boss called him lol
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