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Arrow Update....

I lie here awake beside Sith and am in awe. How very fickle the heart and mind can be at times. Was it only days ago when we were standing at the brink of the precipice convinced we were going overboard. And now I lie here awake as ever in love and hopeful for the first time in a while.

Last weekend was horrendous. We had a blowout Saturday that culminated in the divorce talk on Sunday. I begged him to reconsider. We texted angrily all week. On Wednesday we had a prior commitment that we couldn't skip so we went. I lost my temper with my kids as we were leaving and got louder that necessary in the small space. I am ashamed to admit that I damaged my husbands ear in the process. I felt horrible. We ended up getting into one of the worst fights in our marriage. And then we were through the harsh words and anger. And both felt horrible about how we had been acting.

Finally, as if we had purged a long infected thorn, we talked. About all the hard decisions. And whether we both want to be in this together. About where we want to be in a year when we finally move to be closer to Lady.

It was perhaps the hardest talk I've ever had. And one of the most beneficial. Gala Girl talks of Muppet backstage crazy and playing like honorable Jedi. The analogy sticks well with me. Lately our life has been too much Muppet and no where near enough Jedi. And we finally both see it clearly.

He agreed to give me 6 months in marriage counseling. Weekly for about 2 hours on a day we do nothing afterward. I insisted that we allow ourselves the evening to process and continue to discuss what we feel we can without losing our tempers. And I have hope that he is listening, perhaps for the first time since our son died 5 years ago. Make no mistake, I believe that this will be hard work. It will require both of us to be fully committed. We are. And I know that we can do it. After all, we have survived much worse and have already made so much progress. It just seems monumentally stupid to give up now after we have come so far. So we continue on our journey.

Last night Sith went out with Twisted, previously called S. He stayed overnight and came home after work today. He was well marked up from his night with her and told me upfront when he came home. I am ok with it. And as I lie here I am in awe to feel stable enough right now to feel this incredible sense of compersion. We watched movies with our kids, played a round of water sports in the shower, and I gave him a long back massage. He is sore from how busy work has been and I'm sure from last night. So I tried to help work some of the tension out of his back and shoulders and help him relax. It was nice. And I must admit rather thrilling, in a good way, to see her marks and run my fingers ever so lightly over them. Thrilling to know he is getting this need fulfilled. I am not a Dom and have no nails to mark with. Lol :-)

Make no mistake I still don't like Twisted much. At least not now. But I have no jealousy towards her at all. I just think she brings a bit too much Muppet into our lives. :-P And as I have gotten older I really do seen to go out of my way to avoid Muppet crazy. I much prefer to play like an honorable Jedi. :-) But then as always, that's just me.
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