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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

The term "community" now has become the kewl buzzword and now everyone wants to start, support, belong to etc some 'community'. Now initially one might think this is a 'good' thing. Bringing people together. More bonding etc.
But for reasons it's hard to explain right now I just have to call that out because what I have seen - and STILL see - and is evident in the two posts you've recently added is that some of this so called 'community' is bordering on 'clique'-ing !
And what does a 'clique' do ? It's inclusive of the 'in' group - and - per your words - tends to 'marginalize' everyone else.
Um yeah, I completely disagree with the negative tone in this statement.

I think of it more along the lines of how you find your friends and include them in your group. There certainly are traits and characteristics these friends must have, and i hope people do have those standards... I wouldn't be friends with just anybody, and they don't "get in" unless they fit those criteria.

I just want a "community" of like minded individuals that fit different criteria. people I can talk to about issues that affect me more than someone 20 years my senior!

Yes, sometimes the age gap is not important... but is DOES exist. and to ignore that fact and the differences between people is naive. It is OK too see the differences, so long as you understand them and don't criticize them - that you even appreciate them from time to time.
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