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I guess it also depends what you mean by "work." I'm not talking about pain and suffering or anything. I mean, mowing the lawn is "work" but that doesn't mean it's a horrible, awful thing to have to do. Now, if you were going to mow the lawn with a pair of scissors, that would be making far more work than you need to do. Perhaps that's what you're getting at with "just not worth it."
I'd agree with this. What I mean is that often people think poly should be more gruelling than monogamy. The negative side of "work". Relationships that would have been deemed futile months before in a monogamous situation are worked on more. People forget that you can just break up. That you can chose not to have poly relationships. That there are other forms of ethical non monogamy. It's like they have to be poly and every relationship must be turned into a lifer long success.
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