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Originally Posted by charmedquark View Post
Marcus, I am new here, but I would hazard a guess that most of us would like these forums to be a safe space where poly people can get support, without excessive judgment or hostility.
Well, you keep an eye on us then and anytime someone isn't sweet enough by your personal standards you just let us know. It is your personal standard we should be using, right? Not each person deciding how best to communicate?

You are now in charge of how nice the internet is.

Originally Posted by charmedquark View Post
Somehow, despite my humble beginnings, I managed to avoid becoming a hostile, rude, divisive person by simply keeping the golden rule in mind.
You were not very sweet to BG just then, your standard for sweetness is much higher than this. As the internet nicety police you should now reprimand yourself vigorously. At the very least give yourself a lecture about how to be super-duper-sweet to everyone you encounter.
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