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Ok, time for a little bump-a-roo here....

Because of mostly medical reasons, I'm getting a Mirena installed at the beginning of next month. Yay for collateral benefits of not needing condoms anymore, right?

Sort of. I'm the F in a MFM and T, with whom I have more penetrative sexual contact, is ready for fluid bonding. I've got the array of tests at my doctor and he's going in to his soon enough.

The question comes with E, the other M in the MFM. T and I were a couple first and the prevailing thought has long been that as long as things are good between T and I, we're good to go with polyamory.

Here's where the issues come down with discussing fluid bonding between the three of us:

1. I know T isn't particularly thrilled about the idea. Am going to find out why when we chat this weekend.
2. I feel like it might be rude to not offer E the option.
3. I feel like an "accident" on the Mirena, if fluid bonded with both T and E, could bring on a world of hurt.

Any thoughts, feedback, ideas on how to go forward from here?
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