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So I've been looking to find people to date or at least hang out with, but I just can't get the balls to do it. I've had social anxiety for a long long time now and it really affects my happiness. I've tried joining dating sites, and while they do make "regular" dating easier they don't have very many poly people on there. I guess I like talking to people online first. It helps ease me into a relationship whether it's platonic or w.e.. So what should I do? i want to find someone I can relate to but I can't do any group related activities in the first day... it's too much for my body to handle.
EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE! Don`t let a single day go by without atleast some kind of interaction! If you do you will be stuck at the beginning again. If you do it right, you will be able to handle more and more. But i can`t stress enough that you have to get as much exposure as you can as often as you can! And do it for yourself, fuck everybody else!
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