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GalaGirl, thanks for your input. Sure, I could have said something when Brian got the condom out. I think I feared making a scene in front of my boyfriend, since it was his wife in the other room. Nor did I consider interrupting Brian and his girlfriend in full-blown coitus. Closing the door would have been a good idea, I guess, but I'd already heard them, damage done by that point. I didn't even think about closing the door, I was deer in the headlights at that point. Oh, and this happened where Brian and I live, not our partners' house.

I completely agree that we needed better communication here, and we are working on that.

I come from a poor and somewhat dysfunctional family too, BoringGuy. Somehow, despite my humble beginnings, I managed to avoid becoming a hostile, rude, divisive person by simply keeping the golden rule in mind.

Marcus, I am new here, but I would hazard a guess that most of us would like these forums to be a safe space where poly people can get support, without excessive judgment or hostility. It's hard enough to be poly in a world where so few people accept and understand us. I don't think "Hey, it's the internet, deal with it" is a particularly constructive thing to say when things go awry. I choose to be part of the solution myself, not the problem.

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