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Originally Posted by starmonkey View Post
You know what? I admitted I was wrong in my title, admitted I was new, told the truth about how I felt, and was genuinely looking for information - basically asking for help.

You may not have any useful advice, could at least have been nice to me. Telling someone in pain that you can't stand them is pretty mean.
This is a message board. Not free therapy.

You're going to get opinions that you do not like. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Sorry you are not going to always be patted on the head given a cookie and told your wonderful.

You honestly acted selfish and self centered. You own little hurt feelings were all you cared about at the time. You ended up hurting at least your gf.

As for the relationship ending. Your gf torpedoed that on her own most likely. No one likesto be a secondary to anyone else. There is no way my mono boyfriend would still be here if he was second to my husband. Who in their right mind would choose that if they only were looking for a single partner.
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