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This thread looks similar to another you started that I was weighing a response on. Because the question and concept is similar, I want to do a 'call out' on this because there's implications threaded through it that concern me greatly.
And maybe it's just me ?
There's some patterns I've observed taking place, over longer periods and most recently (last few years) and I vacillate too much on. There's concerns.
The term "community" now has become the kewl buzzword and now everyone wants to start, support, belong to etc some 'community'. Now initially one might think this is a 'good' thing. Bringing people together. More bonding etc.
But for reasons it's hard to explain right now I just have to call that out because what I have seen - and STILL see - and is evident in the two posts you've recently added is that some of this so called 'community' is bordering on 'clique'-ing !
And what does a 'clique' do ? It's inclusive of the 'in' group - and - per your words - tends to 'marginalize' everyone else.
This is a lesson I learned long, LONG ago - as did many others. And I would have hoped that lesson got passed on in some way that was clear and understandable to those coming behind.
There CAN be advantages in grouping people/things together but those advantages can really only bear fruit if everyone is FULLY aware of the risks and keeps that foremost in their minds. It's kind of like the fire thing - biggest boon to mankind ever, but VERY dangerous in the wrong hands/wrong places.
So when I see such talk and proposals as you've spoken of here, i.e. the Under 35 group of polys and what 'entrance criteria' there should be (the questionnaire you mentioned etc) I just shudder. Think there's any chance of 'marginalizing' anyone else here? Is this a competition or retaliation ? Etc etc YIIKKEEESSSSSSSS
Even if I was in the designated target group - no thanks !

There's only one 'community' that exists. The one that consists of all living things and everything surrounding them supporting them. That's the only 'community' I want to belong to.
But that's just me.
I really don't mean or want that to sound high-handed etc (someone will undoubtedly think so) but we are in the state we are in in this world because of so much divisiveness. One group opposing some other. Attempts at differentiation. It's just dangerous water. Swim carefully............


PS: and there's nothing PERSONAL towards you or anyone else in my comments - only concern for the concept and implementation
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