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Originally Posted by charmedquark View Post
It's both psychological and physical ... a combination of performance anxiety and hormonal problems.
I'm glad you have professionals chiming in on the difficulty but does it really seem like a hormonal issue if he only has this problem with you? If it were hormonal that would apply to all of his sexual attempts, right?

I am all in favor of taking the advice of medical professionals but it's good to question.

Originally Posted by charmedquark View Post
Thanks for sharing your story and for your sensitivity and empathy, which I see is not always a given on this forum.
This again.

While exposing oneself to every human who can type and has access to the internet ... one might expect to meet all manner of folk. Some of those folk might not have the *exact* same balance between courtesy and honesty that you do. While exposed to this theoretical person who doesn't seem to be exactly as courteous as one might prefer... one might take the fact that one is voluntarily exposing ones personal issues to EVERY SINGLE HUMAN who has an internet connection and can type. One might also decide that it is irrational to complain about this fact... but that is unlikely.
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