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Default Two bears want a triad


We had posted here once before. Since then, we were in a triad. And now we have a better understanding of the relationship dynamic and what exactly we want from a partner.

We are two bigger bears. We are into otters and chasers. We are 31 & 38. We like guys between our age or younger.

We are fine with you living far away, but you have to be open to relocating.

Right now one of us is in Phoenix and the other is working in Boston. Frequent trips are made back and forth.

Our last relationship didn't work out because he was selfish and immature. He liked to cheat and lie to us a lot. He also had no direction in his life and was content to live off his parents. We don't want someone like that again.

We do not want an open relationship. We prefer a closed triad. Where we all love each other equally. When we are with another man, we completely view him as an equal. This is very important to us.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.
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