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Still mired in moving in adventures... It took us 3 visits to miss p's apartment to get it clean and the last bits of things boxed and put in my van. Her city apartment gets so dusty dirty being close to the Mass Pike. But finally last week we finished up and she's officially moved in to the house. Whew! 2 days we worked were 87-97 degrees and she only had one window AC set up and it was so stifling. Thank god this house has central AC!

Now there are boxes everywhere and we are so tired (she's handicapped and I am 57 with a bad back, a trick knee, arthritis in my hands-- this whole thing has been very hard on us). But we've got nothing but time to work on organizing and decorating.

Meanwhile, last Saturday our little V/triad had a date: we went to an outdoor fire/drum circle/dance at a park a few towns away. Ginger is really linked into the drum circle community. It was a perfect evening, clear and moderate temps. miss pixi isn't much for dancing but she loves to listen and watch and socialize. I spent my time between sitting out with her on the hillside or dancing with Ginger. At a couple points we were all together, her, him behind her and me behind him, legs and arms wrapped around each other... very yummy snuggling on a perfect late spring night! There were fire spinners on the top of the hill behind us. So cool! And dancing with Ginger is always sexy pagan good times.

We had another 3 way date a few days ago, went hiking at Callahan State Park in nearby Framingham. Well, a 4 way date as our dog came with.

Then yesterday miss p and I were out thrift store shopping and saw a couch to replace mine, which is really falling apart and not comfy anymore. Only $140 and in almost new condition, super comfy and the right colors for our decor. Well, my van was still half full of stuff from miss p's apt we haven't unloaded yet. It was 6:45 and we had to take it home by 9 if we wanted to be sure of getting it. So, I texted Ginger to explain the situation, knowing he has his nightly "date" of reading out loud and a board game with his wife from 6-7. At 7:01 he called me back, told us he'd be fine with helping us out, and arrived in under half an hour with his VW Eurovan. He and I shoved the couch into it and unloaded it when we got home.

I love living so close by to him! I'm sure the neighbors wonder what is going on with us. A lesbian couple? Then who is this man that is over so often? hehe

As far as 3way sex goes, if anyone is wondering , that hasn't happened in quite a while. Miss p has not been interested, nothing personal, she's just been overwhelmed by the move and all. But she and Ginger do kiss and hug. Tongue kiss, not just a peck on the cheek or lips.
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