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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
What does hubby want from you in this regard? Does he want you to introduce him to your friends or go out on the town hunting hotties with him? Is he hoping you will be involved in this at all? I would let him take the lead on this, otherwise you make him a charity case (and that will not make him more confident with the ladies).
Thanks for all you said. I kept suggesting things to him last night...and he, very kindly, told me to cut it the fuck out. lol. He told me he appreciated my concern, hes very happy for me and BF and I just need to let him do his thing and listen if he needs someone to listen. So i'll try to stop 'helping' and also feeling guilty, cuase he doesnt want me to, i dont want to, and being with BF is great so there is nothing to feel guilty about.
keep on keeping on
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