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Default weekend time

D and I have now decided for sure that if possible friday night will be her and J's time every week. It works out better most of the time as it is easy for me to work late and then spend the night at our other home so as not to disturb them and both are very thankful to me for that. They are both now professing love and desire to make things more perm. at this point. D is very happy to have a second "husband" who also loves her and couldn't be more thankful to me for allowing this. I am happy to see her this happy and J is not only happy but now wanting to settle in a little more. This week it may not work out for friday with his work schedule but we have decided if it doesn't work out for friday saturday will automatically be "their" day/night to date and spend the night together with D and I getting this friday together and sunday being up in the air as to what/who spends time or both if we are just around the house. I think at this point we are into a routine that works for all of us. Anyone else out there in the same type of relationship please feel free to let us know how you handle this whole time thing as we are always open to suggestions.
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