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Default been a bit since last post

Well it's been a bit since the last post. Update on things, D was gone for work over the weekend last weekend so not much to update on that although J did make it home before she left. She has a whole weekend job a few times a year where she cooks for large groups. No private time for any of us and we went through the weekend without her with me doing some around the house work and J bringing his son to our home for father's day weekend then going to his older daughters on sunday for the day. D came back home early sunday afternoon and relaxed a little and then helped me outside a bit. I know J missed her almost as much as I did. J dropped his son back home after being at his daughters for the day having some fun on the lake. He got back in the early evening and seemed very glad to see D before he had to leave for the week giving her a nice hug and kiss on his arrival. J wanted to get some sleep as he leaves around 1 am for his week away with the travel time and went into the house. D and I talked and she really wanted to spend some quality time asking me if it was ok and of course I said yes to go to him as I have her all week. She had that great smile on her face as she went into the house. Later on when I got done outside I went in to find her with a huge smile on her face and she said they had a nice time, great sex, great cuddle time with both professing their love and contentment with the relationship so far. D asked if it was ok if she went back to his bed for some more cuddle and sleep time before he had to leave for the week and off she went. Very quiet in the room as all they did at that point was cuddle up together but she said it was nice to have him for a while. She woke me briefly when he left for his week and thanked me for the time even though nothing more then cuddling up together.
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