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Well I fit the demographic for another month or so.
To be honest I haven't noticed any great difference for me.
BUT I did note that no one in our JUST STARTED Alaska Polyamory Group meeting was under 33 (GG). He was the youngest. There were two ladies (both of whom are close to me) his age, and everyone else was older than me.

Something I was contemplating was that there is a HUGE supportive group around here for "gay/lesbian/bi" "kids"(ie 16-25ish). I've seen MANY more in this age group "coming out" in recent years. Many of these also identify as poly... so I wonder if they are just not participating so much in the poly groups because they feel so connected already in their age group with other gay/lesbian/bi friends?
I don't have a clue, just observing what's going on around me and wondering.

Glad you brought it up! Look forward to reading more about it!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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