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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Well isn't this rather ironic that not one year ago almost to the day Mono expressed his love for his female friend, who's name I forget one here. I'm sure BG will remind me. Lol. I remember being completely blind sided and dragging it out of him as he wasn't going to say anything. It was my first glimpse of the road ahead. Now a year has passed and I am sitting in her living room petting her three cats and drinking her beer by myself while she is away for a couple of monthes. I am strangely amused and amazed. Not only that I went for tea by myself today and am enjoying my own company more than anyone else's these days. Progression!

Contemplating the future and feeling okay. I'm actually happy today. With a little help from my herbal friend St. John's Wort and because I am a work horse when it comes to all things RP. I had an hour or so of anxiety and sadness when I knew Mono was with the woman he is seeing and a little more sorting some other stuff out but that was pretty damn good for me!

(Thought I should post a good moment for a change )

June. You know, like the name of the month we're in right now. Which is probably why you picked that name.

tl;dr you could go back in time on this thread and search for my posts there aren't that many and it would show what you wrote.

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