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Fear not!
You aren't the only mormon who is polyamorous.
Nor the only Christian who is polyamorous either.

I was raised RLDS (which is hte group that followed Joseph Smith's wife when he died, whereas the Mormon's followed Brigham Young), I knew by the time I was 18-19 that I was definitely bi-sexual. I considered the possibility as early as 7th grade, but was afraid of it then.
Looking back now-I know it was there all along.

I am not dating a woman right now. I have a husband and a boyfriend. While I no longer identify to any specific church/religion. My belief in God still pounds strong in my heart.

You might check out their current online magazine, there was an article in there by a Christian man explaining what he'd learned in studying the Bible after realizing he was polyamorous and thinking he must be going to hell.

It was a decently written article and certainly gets the mind twirling.

RP, Mono and Polynerdist are deeply inspiring and amazing people. Poly isn't on much-busy man, busy man. But if you send him a PM he might answer (answered mine).

Look forward to getting to know you. If you need a little reassurance or have a question feel free to send me a PM. I check my email often!

Take care and welcome to the boards!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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