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Wow DH...I don't even know what to say to..most of that! Thank you though What does LEF mean.... urban dictionary doesn't seem to think it's dirty.

I had a very nice date with Brian last night, and got home to find Adam (who has cooked for me 5 times in a decade) finishing a cake he'd made for me from scratch (cake AND frosting...damn even I don't do that). I was thinking I was going to have the best birthday week/weekend ever, but woke up this morning feeling sick. I'm sure Adam will be fine just cuddling and watching a movie instead of me keeping our plans, but I'm hoping it won't interfere with my date with Greg or my date with ME this weekend.

Thinking a stressful period will be coming up and I haven't quite recovered from the current one. Having three partners was going swimmingly well time management wise all things considered, but Adam's new job/commute leaves an hour or two less together every weekday on the days we are both home, and his half day Fridays we used for errands/dates disappeared. At first it was just irritating, but it's starting to take a toll and we aren't getting enough time to connect anymore. The last couple of days we started bouncing the idea of selling the house (even though its financially shitty time to do so) and renting as close to his work as possible instead of going with the original idea of selling in a year. I foresee grumpy times in the future, but it will be worth it if we can swing it - we'll get that time back and happily enough end up living closer to Greg, and hopefully Brian, which means nobody ever has to spend an hour or more during rush hour to make it to a date.
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