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Default My journey to Polyamorous lifestyle..

Hi my name is Starlight1 on here, I dont feel comfortable giving out my name.
I am 24, 5'4" curvy/slim redhead american living in the UK. I am very outspoken and direct. I am LDS, which colors my views on polyamory as I try to live within the standards of my church but eventaully I will have to either marry the two sides of me or get rid of one.

I am bi-sexual but non-practicing although I have several women I am very closely attached to. I am also going through a divorice and I have two lovely little girls who are 2 and 3.5 yrs old.

A bit of history about myself. I have moved over 25 times, and have stopped counting on this matter. I currently live in the southwest of england, and I am getting a divorice because of a history of physical/sexual/emotional/financial abuse in my relationship with my ex-partner, to be refered to as A from me.

I basically got married too young with out realising I was bisexual. Or admitting to myself or him I was. But he knew pretty early on and used to try to force the issue when I wasnt ready to talk about it, and then tried to pursue my friends..Or turn it back around on me as if i were cheating on him. Which I never did.

I am simply the type of person able to love many people. I do not have any jealousy with people and do not really feel that emotion much at all. I am an oilpainter of many many years, floutest, singer, writer, poet and very spiritual creative personality.
I am highly sensitive to people around me and their body language and their moods. I like to make people happy and laugh.

I left A back in may 2009 and am now trying to re-build a relationship with my best friend H who is also the same religion as me and we have known each other since i was 16. I am hoping we can come to terms with our religion and also work something out between us as she is the dearest person to me in my life. I would be so blessed to share my life with her in any way.

So at the moment I am not commited specifically to any one person but I am romatically attached to a few, one named M(a bi male) in austrailia and then H(bi female) who was my friend in highschool and a few other potential people. Much NRE floating around with M as we have only just made plans to start taking online to reality in the last month or so. It is getting very exciting.

That is basically it right now, busy being a mother, a belly dancer, artist, student, ect ect...loving living life right now too

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