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Hi... This being a thread I didn't start I'm a bit chary of using it beyond JnR's initial purposes.... ("I almost feel like my husband and I are the only poly friendly people around here. We live in San Luis Obispo County, would be fun to meet other like minded people in the area or close by.[...]) Just so, ostensibly, to reach out to other locals Neh? And insofar as I (actually we) having noticed a general dearth and poor usage or showing of active interest in local, Poly/open-relationship/etc.networking resources @ the Central Coast area, online anyway, I can certainly validate their feelings on this.

I will say Pam and I had lived in the Santa Barbara/Goleta/Buelton area for several years before moving a while up to the Portland, OR area... and it's only been since late last year that we settled here in Paso Robles. And too, it's been lo, over 10 years since our last, active foray into this here intentional, non-monogamous relationships. As I alluded. we met with shaky ground and obstacles in those days (our own relationship was at a rough spot). Now we're more ready, secure, and also our children are grown... We anyway feel we are at a better spot for integrating things - Not to say we're somehow beyond it all - just ready for something. Mentioned in passing our MFM threesome proclivities and offered that by way of an intro to our inclinations.

To try to make this brief, we are still and all not daunted from pursuing this, even hospitable to the notion, if yet a tinge of uncertainty about how it will be like in the long term... Meeting someone who's "up to speed" as concerns emotional/relational intelligence is a definite aspect of this alchemy... that includes authenticness, honesty with all/each and every concerned. Saying that, we only have some tentative ideas of a camping destination... Before any and all other considerations, there's companionate chemistry first thing, and finding agreement @ all sorts of whatnots, It's not all some furtive rendezvous of abandon... not some mad dash... We have imagined going up to nearby Sierra Mts, maybe Sequoia Park area as place to pitch camp. Not wanting to move camp around overmuch. It's no vacation if you spend it pitching/unpitching/packing/unpacking the whole time... There's mineral springs and fresh running rivers nearabouts up there, perhaps places with local music to go to. The ocean we already have nearby us here, hot-tub we have here too... Just was out near Avila for a day. Even local lakes might be nice. All depends too on schedules... We already are shooting for a week-long, and so have arranged our trip with days off. We do miss the running rivers we used to whitewater raft in the Northwest... So I dunno...

Beyond this...we are in sensual bloom..., neither about Poly, or being proselytes or proselytizers, nor religious/nonreligious, or about universal rules/ethos... neither without boundaries... Eros is and exists because certain boundaries do. In the interval between reach and grasp, in the Aphroditian sense of "want" (grk: Penia) instinctualy and psyche (soul's fathomlessness) is like a tree, only renewed from its own roots/depths:

"...not sex only but divinity itself is insulted when it is repressed. To disapprove, to condemn – the human soul shrivels under barren righteousness." --Freya Stark 'Traveller’s Prelude: An Autobiography' (1950)

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