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Originally Posted by MZTERY View Post
For you first question why I put up with it with the whole bedroom situation, well I have because it is the only way I have personal time with him.
You are being a doormat (these other girls too, by the sound of it). The fact that you don't understand that you are just being a doormat doesn't change the fact that this dude is wiping his boots off on you whenever he feels like it.

Originally Posted by MZTERY View Post
Our kids where never planned at all. They happened naturally as a blessing from God.
This just gets more and more weird with every new layer of information.

Originally Posted by nycindie
She was a smart woman, successful, together, and she became a wreck and a recluse, and a child died because she let Joel Steinberg run her life.
I get what you're puttin' down nycindie, but I'm going to go WAY out on a limb here and say that this is not a transformation type of situation with the OP.
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