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Default A brief Introduction

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a brief introduction of myself as I have been lurking for awhile, i absolutly adore Reds and Monos story (i havnt yet read the husbands sorry!!)

As for myself, I am a 24 yr old single mother. I have recently left an abusive relationship and on the way through and out of that relationship I came to realise I was bi-sexual and no i didnt have to choose one or the other, it could be possible to have both. I was with my ex partner for almost 5 years and I have two little girls ages 2 and 3.5.

i will give a more thorough history of what brought this all about as well as my love for a certain woman who has been a friend of mine since I was 16 that had a huge impact on me and the way my relationship evolved with my ex-husband.

Right now I am going through the divorice process and healing. I have been researching polyamory and variations for almost 3 years, but I had not connected all the dots from my past actions until now. I hope to get to know all of you better and to work through these emotions as I am still researching and learning and trying to decide what the best path is for me. I am also mormon which makes the duality of spiritual (not religious) beliefs hard to connect with my social upbringing. I 100% believe in polyamory, i dont however think it should be mutually exclusing as in the church to be polygamous. But i am not opening up that can of worms in just an introduction.

Needless to say I struggle with these two sides of myself, and trying to bring them together harmoniously and honestly within my life.

So as I get myself more aquainted in the boards i will open up more but just wanted to say hello today. Kids keep me busy.
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