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Hedda Nussbaum was an intelligent, accomplished woman who eventually became a frightened shell of her former self after suffering emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her live-in boyfriend Joel Steinberg. Their adopted daughter Lisa died of blunt force trauma, after Joel Steinberg beat her and Nussbaum did nothing to save her. At first, they charged Nussbaum with the child's death until it was discovered that she was also suffering from malnourishment, broken ribs, and neglect. It was determined that she had been abused, controlled, and restricted by Joel Steinberg, and Nussbaum felt powerless or not allowed to help Lisa as she lay dying.

She was a smart woman, successful, together, and she became a wreck and a recluse, and a child died because she let Joel Steinberg run her life.

While your partner may not be beating you, he is abusive. You are putting your children at risk by continuing to accept this man's treatment of you. You need to boost your self-esteem and start looking at the stark reality of the situation you're in.

Stop making excuses for him and GET OUT NOW.
The world opens up... when you do.

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