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NYcindie you have made me feel like I really need to be careful now more than before. I knew that his mannerisms had to be an issue and the way he goes about the relationship and treating the other girls is pretty harsh. I feel terrible the times he yells at them when they do something wrong like drink his water (like yesterday) or msplace his things. It sounds awful and he does not speak to me like that at all! He tries to and has gotten somewhat loud and obnoxious but not to the extent he does with them. He def controls them more than me as sad as that sounds and its more than obvious. For you first question why I put up with it with the whole bedroom situation, well I have because it is the only way I have personal time with him. I don't schedule time with him at all I just go about my day and night and let it be when the time comes for us to be alone together. I know that is wrong adn silly for this type of lifestyle but I really don't like the idea of scheduled attention. To me love is so natural that I don't see how it can be controlled and feel genuine and pure at the same time

I don't know who Hedda is (will look up) and wow the "forced pregnancy" fetish almost sounds too on point for him! Our kids where never planned at all. They happened naturally as a blessing from God. He tells people that we did plan them and that he feels planned pregnancies are better and the parents last longer..I think this is BS to make himself and the other girls feel better about this whole arrangement. He use to be all about the family and bond we had and our kids were a big deal for him, but as of late it just seems like it is more of a negotiation/work/whatever you feel me??

BTW he also says it is in his bllod to be a PIMP because of who his parents were...which he never met because his mother died (killed) and his father(bio) was never around. He was raised by his dad(apotive) that married several times and said he loved them all(plus cheated alot) so he says he grew up seeing it was possible to love more than one woman. Plus he slept with more than one girl as a young teen/older teen and the girls would know, have orgys, blah and so another reason why he believes he can make this work and being polyamory was always a part of him.

He also says that since we have been living together for 6 mos that he doesn't see why this wouldn't work :/
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