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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
No, you take the hcg and follow a strict low calorie diet. It works by making your body use abnormal fat stores for energy. So you aren't losing the good fat your body needs. I average .5 lb per day losses. Followed by a 3 week stabilization phase that resets your body weight so you don't just have gain back.

This diet works really well for me because I like very structured diets. I went from a size 20 to a 10.
Yes, I found a site and read about it. Whether injections or pills, it seems that the HCG is meant to accompany a VLC diet of 500 calories per day. A few years ago, I participated in a research study for weight loss and did a liquid diet of 900 calories per day, and was informed that diets of 800 or 900 calories per day are the lowest a person can go without a doctor's supervision. Taking in less than that would require hospitalization and monitoring. So, are you guys doing the HCG with that few calories, with a doctor's supervision?
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