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Marcus when you mentioned this - "So are you displeased with being in his little tyrannical empire? Or are you just irritated because of him wanting to pump kids into the other members of his slave den? I can't tell because you don't sound happy with the situation but you don't seem very focused on exactly what you want to change" it made me think alittle more as to what between the two would be the greater issue. I am not really interested in meeting another male partner at all. Female partners however yes I am. The reason is that I want to have a partnership with a female that we can share our love, care, and time with also. That is why when he told me this was what he wanted and made it seem like the girls were just as interested in me, I was intrigued and excited because I was looking forward to a loving relationship with all of them, but that is not the case. And yes the fact that he wants to pump kids in other women does bother me because he said to me once he would never have kids with other women, even if we were to part.

If I could design the relationship I would want to have a say on choosing the girl or girls for us to share our lives with and we would have all shared a loving caring relationship for awhile before moving in together. Having children with them would then not be an issue because I would be a part of the time of conception and therefore feel as if the baby is more "ours" as a whole not a family within a family within a just feels so segregated to me like this. The fact that we had kids of our own beforehand would be irrelevant to the new style of relationship but I would feel more comfortable including them in my kids life if I knew they loved and cared for me too as their partner. I would even want to have another baby with them the same way and I would consider the girl or girls the baby's mommy too because I would have not just been making love to him but to her as well at the time of conception.

London- you and I share the same concern. When he talKs about our kids he expresses how much he can't wait til they are older so that he no longer has to take care of them. He talk about travelling the world and doing just so much as a free spirit as he calls himself. He is not a bad father he actually does very well with our kids since we have been living under the same roof consistently again. I just feel that he likes to add too much to his plate because he needs to feel productive somehow/useful perhaps IDK it just seems off to me for someone who looks forward to freedom from small children to want to have more with others. It just seems like he feels obligated to because he told them he would and he feels and tells us that he is a better man than anyone else we would find on our own. That all other men would play us out and lie to us all the time. Making him feel more powerful to breed more with multiple women.

BTW he also says that each of us are easily replacable and that it would be nothing for him to kick me out with the kids or any of them. That he is not with me for the kids and that he doesn't need any of us he WANTS to be with us.
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